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The postpartum care you need.

Let our experts guide you 1-on-1 through your postpartum healing journey.


Who we are

Emkore Clinic serves as a women's wellness center, offering solutions to address a wide range of concerns spanning from pre- and post-pregnancy to pre- and post-menopause stages.

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Clinically proven, safe, non-invasive, and pain-free procedure.


Engaging treatment that delivers measurable results in 6 weeks.

Personalized care

A bespoke program is formulated to heal and strengthen.


Our Story

Emkore Clinic was born out of the frustration by a group of ladies, who struggled with their own weakened core muscles post-natal which affected their quality of life. At Emkore Clinic, we are dedicated in providing women customized physical therapy with a focus to train and rebuild their core and pelvic health.


We specialize in working with women during pre-pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. We are here to help alleviate pain, get your body feeling good again and most importantly, feel empowered.


Our Solutions

We provide high-quality, non-surgical solutions for the recovery of every woman’s body. A bespoke program will be formulated to help women to rehabilitate and strengthen their pelvic floor and core while addressing the problems arising from pre & post pregnancy to pre & post menopause.

The core method is a program specially formulated to integrate non-invasive technology together with exercise-based physical therapy to assist every woman as she navigates the changes in her body at every stage of her life.


Core Health

With our assistance, women will experience a full recovery of their rectus abdominal muscles. A significant improvement in the core strength & posture. Lesser lower back pain and a visibly toned & sculpted body.

Pelvic Health

With early intervention, we will be able to improve incontinence issues effectively. Women will see an overall improvement in their feminine health. Goodbye to embarrassing urinary leakage. Goodbye to frequent toilet visits and hello to better prevention of pelvic organ prolapses with stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Body Posture Alignment Therapy

At Emkore Clinic, we acknowledge and address the distinct requirements of women's bodies by providing effective solutions to improve body posture. A key aspect that sets us apart is our utilization of free hand techniques, eliminating the need for external devices or equipment. Instead, we employ natural hand movements to achieve sustainable and practical posture correction.

Our methodology takes a comprehensive approach, considering the unique anatomy, physiology, and lifestyle of women's bodies. We specifically focus on correcting postpartum posture, acknowledging the difficulties that arise following childbirth, such as muscle weakness and alterations in spinal alignment.


Free Hand Alignment Technique

Our utilization of free hand techniques can have a profound impact on women's body posture. Through alignment correction, women can benefit from reduced discomfort, enhanced mobility, improved balance, and heightened self-assurance. Moreover, our approach fosters healthy habits and body awareness that can be sustained throughout a woman's lifetime, resulting in long-lasting advantages.

At Emkore Clinic, our dedication lies in delivering personalized solutions for women's posture requirements. We employ our exclusive free hand techniques to assist women in attaining optimal posture, comfort, and overall well-being.

Skin Laxity, Stretch marks and Cellulite

Skin Laxity, stretch marks and cellulite had always been a big issue with many women. At Emkore Clinic, our program is able to assist on the repairment of the Linea alba, fat reductions, skin tightening and reduce appearance of stretch marks & cellulite.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

V complex is a formular that is uniquely formulated to treat tissues malfunctions. This complex contains 26 growth factors and more than 300 protein factors. It is designed to strengthen the protective barrier of the vaginal wall and to accelerate the wound healing process of the area. Its suitable for women with vaginal atrophy conditions and women who have gone through vaginal suture. The complex is free from hormones, free from antibiotics and free from steroids.


Hear what they say

I’m visiting Emkore as I have severe DR (10.6cm gap) and pelvic pain when I walk / run. Decided to sign the package on the spot as they do not hard sell and the pricing is reasonable. The place is clean, cozy and quiet because they will only serve one customer at a time. The therapist is also friendly, knowledgeable and always put me at ease. After a few sessions (I’m also doing exercises with a PT), I’m able to walk and run with ZERO pain. Really amazing! The DR gap closed a little and I’m confident that I will see more improvements in due course. Will highly recommend to get treatments at Emkore if you wish to avoid surgery to treat your DR.

Jermaine Liang

Let's talk about how we can help.

Kindly make an appointment before visiting the clinic. No walk-in consultations are available.

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