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How to care for yourself after birth for new Mothers

As a mom, we tend to put our families’ needs first which could sometimes translate into neglecting our own needs as time passes. You may even feel overwhelmed or guilty when you do take time for yourself – but remember that self-care is a necessity. It is important to care for not only your physical health after birth, but your emotional and mental needs as well.


The few months after going through childbirth are crucial as your body recovers from 9 months of carrying your little one and going through delivery. Whether you are only able to spare a couple of minutes or have more time, here are some tips & ideas to care for yourself. After all, you deserve to prioritize time for yourself and unwind when you need it!


Go for a relaxing stroll 


An easy yet a total game changer for improving moods as well as your mental health, walks are a great way to get some fresh air and relax, all while doing a physical activity that keeps your body moving. Whether you can only spare 5 minutes to walk around your neighborhood or an hour at your local park – it makes a huge, positive difference without requiring much effort.


Get physical


If you are feeling up for it, exercising helps to recalibrate both your mind and body which may reduce chances of postpartum depression and anxiety after birth. From light yoga poses to more vigorous workouts, listen to your body and give it the care it deserves. The benefits of exercise would make transitioning into postpartum life smoother and a little less stressful – improving your sleep quality and reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. 


Explore your hobbies


Be it past hobbies that you used to love doing pre-pregnancy, or discovering new ones postpartum, this can be a fun way to energize you. For example, if you’re a naturally creative person, taking up painting lessons or even just DIY-ing it in the comfort of your own home could be an enjoyable activity to get yourself excited again! 


Treat yourself


Pampering yourself could show up in different ways. For some, a comforting cup of tea and a book in hand, cozied up on the couch could be the ideal way to spend some alone resting time. For others, it may mean getting your nails done, putting on facial masks and even getting a massage. Whatever it is, remember to treat yourself once in a while to help you take a breather and relieve stress.


Seek postnatal help 


Oftentimes, mommies face common issues such as diastasis recti, incontinence or skin laxity after going through childbirth. New parenthood can come with many changes that may make you feel anxious or overwhelmed, and bodily concerns may contribute to such feelings. If you notice a tummy bulge, or experience things that you previously did not encounter before pregnancy, such as constipation or incontinence, it may be a good idea to visit a women’s health clinic to ease your concerns.


Emkore Clinic is able to help you get through the recovery process with personalized treatment plans for you, based on what your body requires. Leave the physical parts to us as you focus on being the great mom that you are for your little one!


Rest, rest, and rest!


We cannot stress enough the importance of getting sufficient rest. Taking naps while your baby naps, or even just sitting on the couch and doing nothing – are both ways of resting and giving your mind a much needed break. 


Reconnect with friends & family


The last few months of pregnancy and childbirth may mean that you did not get to spend as much time with your loved ones as compared to pre-pregnancy times. It can be easy to get lost in the newness and overwhelming feelings of motherhood, but remember that your loved ones are there for you to lean on. Reach out to your family for additional support, or for a breather through the accompaniment of your friends. Connecting with your loved ones just to laugh together over a funny story or  to share mommy advice with each other are great ways to improve your emotional health as well!


In conclusion, do not delay showing yourself some self-love and care especially as a new mom. After all, taking good care of yourself means taking good care of your child as well!

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