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Early Signs Labor is Near

It’s the main event you’ve been waiting for the past couple of months – welcoming your little one into the world! Did you know that there are signs that your body will tell you that it’s approaching labor very soon?

Oftentimes parents may not realize these early signs even if they have been through it before. That is due to the fact that the early signs of labor can be vague and easily misunderstood. Many pregnant moms may wonder how to differentiate between false alarms or the actual labor, but every birth is different so do note that these signs differ from individual to individual – you might not experience all of them either.

Read on to learn how to recognize these signs early especially as you’re inching closer to your expected due date!

You notice an increase in vaginal discharge

Also known as leukorrhea, many people notice an increase in their vaginal discharge throughout the course of the pregnancy. The amount sometimes increases in the days and weeks leading up to childbirth as this is your body’s way of telling you that the vagina is preparing for the baby to pass through. Hence, leukorrhea aids this process by helping the vagina to self-clean.

You may notice that the discharge is thicker and pinkish in color, and this is a good indication that labor is coming soon.

You frequent the bathroom more

If you notice yourself frequenting the bathroom more often throughout the day and having loose bowel movements (a.k.a prelabor diarrhea), it may be a sign. Your body is emptying its bowels frequently so that the uterus is able to relax and contract well. You may even experience indigestion and nausea prior to labor – although annoying, you can feel reassured that it is totally normal and a good sign!


Your nesting instinct kicks in


Some mommies have experienced feeling a burst of energy during their third trimester that leads them to do more organizing and cleaning around the house. Also known as the ‘nesting instinct’, this feeling kicks in as your little one’s due date nears. Although it is a good time to be productive and put this restless energy into good use, remember not to overdo it and overwork yourself! You still need your energy for the actual labor.


Your weight gain is slowing down


As you come closer to your pregnancy due date, you may notice that you’re not gaining much weight anymore and it has gradually decreased over time. This is because your baby is growing into its full-term size and for many mothers, this means that their weight begins to stagnate.


You may feel that it’s easier to breathe


As your baby descends lower into your birth canal, its body weight is no longer putting constant pressure on your diaphragm. Breathing would feel and become easier, although it does mean that you may start feeling more pressure in your pelvic region due to the change in your baby’s position.

You experience Braxton Hicks contractions or mild cramps

As your body prepares itself for delivery, you may start feeling mild cramps more often or even Braxton Hicks contractions, otherwise known as ‘fake’ contractions. Your uterus is tightening as the due date draws closer and you may feel an added pressure in your pelvic region.

No matter the case, every individual is different and you may not necessarily see all the signs above as your due date inches closer as every body is unique. If you have any questions or doubts regarding your pregnancy, do feel free to contact us to have a chat!

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