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10 Tips to Calm Morning Sickness

Finding out that you’re pregnant may feel like an amazing and exciting time – but the common downside that comes with it is, you guessed it, morning sickness. Up to 80% of people who get pregnant experience some form of nausea, which typically results in vomiting. This feeling can strike at any moment during the day but fret not – there are a couple of things that you can do to soothe your turbulent belly!


Have more frequent, smaller meals


Morning sickness can be a real pain. It's especially bad when it happens when you're trying to eat, which makes sense considering how much you're going through.


But it turns out that grazing all day is actually better than eating two big meals spread across the day. Why?


Because when your tummy is empty, the stomach acids feed on your stomach lining which can result in you feeling nauseous. On the other hand, a tummy that is too full can overwork your digestive system, also leading to queasiness. Thus, the best way to avoid morning sickness is through keeping yourself satiated, but not overly full!


If you’re someone who likes to snack on small foods throughout the day, you may also want to keep a handy little snack stash nearby for when you’re feeling peckish. Dried fruits, nuts and crackers are great options that are light yet will help to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day.


Avoid foods that give you nausea


When you're pregnant, nausea is a real thing. It can make eating an ordeal — and it can be really difficult to figure out what foods are making you feel sick in the first place.


But if you pay attention, there are some common patterns that emerge. Spicy, greasy, fatty and heavily seasoned foods are often culprits, while bland foods tend to be easier on your stomach.


Avoid strong-smelling odors


Strong scents, like body odor, perfume or other specific smells, can lead to morning sickness. Pregnant women can be especially sensitive to such strong or offensive smells, so do try to avoid them.


Make use of aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is a simple but effective way to treat nausea by applying a lightly scented essential oil to the wrist. A few scents that have been shown to help mommies ease their nausea are:

  • Chamomile.

  • Ginger.

  • Lemon.

  • Orange.

  • Peppermint.


Do remember that every individual is different and not all scents may be to your liking, but finding one that soothes you can do wonders for your queasiness!


Drink up and stay hydrated


When pregnant women experience morning sickness, it helps to drink more fluids than usual in order to avoid becoming dehydrated since that will only lead to feeling more nauseated. One trick that some people find successful is eating salty snacks such as potato chips or salted nuts, which can help to trigger their thirst.


Increase your protein intake


Keep a stock of high-protein snacks on hand to combat nausea as studies suggest that meals strong in protein provide longer-lasting relief from nausea than those heavy in carbs or fats. Yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, almonds, and seeds are a few common favorites and are easily accessible.


Find a distraction


Finding something to distract yourself from morning sickness may be helpful because it's not simple to ignore. Cozying up with your favorite novel, solving crossword puzzles, or taking a little stroll are good ways you can ‘forget’ about pregnancy nausea.


Feel free to incorporate exercise into your routine if it makes you feel good. In fact, some individuals say that exercise helps them feel less nauseous. Additionally, pay attention to your body's cues; stop if you begin to feel weak or sick.


Less screen time


Although it may seem unusual, changing your screen displays to make them easier to view may ease your morning sickness. That is because your device's bright screen and undetectable strobe effect may aggravate your nausea.


Some ways you can do this are by making the font size bigger for easier reading, and reducing the amount of blue light by changing the background to warmer colors. It is also helpful to take breaks in between using your devices by closing your eyes or doing something else.


Lie down


Sometimes the simplest treatment to morning sickness is lying down, closing your eyes, taking a couple deep breaths, and simply resting. Many people agree that sleeping is an effective method to avoid morning sickness — plus your body requires its beauty sleep anyway!


You might want to consider medication


If none of the above helps with your morning sickness or if your nausea is very severe, you may consider checking in with your doctor to get prescribed medication instead. Don’t worry about the medication bringing harm to your little one as it will relieve your nausea symptoms instead — which helps both you and the baby.

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